A2Display, software developer

A display management solution for all your touch and non-touch screens. Our mobile app generator also allows any organisation to have its own customisable mobile app.
The display adapts to any screen resolution size thanks to artificial intelligence, in portrait and landscape.


A mobile app generator connecting residents, family and staff. SilverVillage promotes communication within your Retirement Home or Retirement Village, fully customisable and with nothing to download! Make it available on the Apple App and Google Play Stores with your name and logo.

Residential Living

A mobile app generator for your apartment building connecting residents and their neighbours thanks to its various functions. Residential Living promotes communication within your apartment building, fully customisable with nothing to download! 

Dynamic information in real time

Equip yourself with an A2Display PC player or with your own, to connect to all your screens in order to broadcast your displays. Whether you have a touch screen or not, our software makes it easy to use.

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Assistance and Technical Support

Our technical support line is open Monday to Friday, to help you remotely with your questions and problems concerning the day-to-day use of our software interface. We can even show you the steps to take, in real time, on your screen.

You’ll find a friendly and helpful ear, to accompany you every step of the way.

Our priority is your satisfaction.



Efficient Technical Support
and After-Sales service

A Key-in-Hand Solution


A Programme structured to respond to your individual needs.


A personalised, made-to-measure installation to satisfy your financial and physical constraints and imperatives.


A2Display has an officially-certified Training service, delivering high-quality, personalised training to accompany your installation and project. This also includes any light, refresher-training necessary in the event of major developments and improvements in our software.


We’ll accompany you with assistance and advice throughout the lifetime of your project.


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