Become an A2Display Partner

Promote your business by becoming an A2Display Partner. Our cloud-based solution is non technical and only requires simple training to use.

Create Mobile Apps quickly using our drag and drop software without needing the usual development time or know-how!

You can also create displays for touch or non-touch screens

Apps Partner

Digital Signage Partner

With our PC player or your own

Unique on the Market

Offer a bespoke Mobile App to your clients for their customers, community or staff. Our tools are simple to use yet offer unparalleled value. We provide all the training you need to use our digital signage software and app development platform.

A2Display Partner Benefits

Offer PC players to your customers so that they can broadcast their information on any type of screen, touch or not/indoor or outdoor.

Our systems can become an extension of your own services, boosting revenue with new and existing clients.

We’ll accompany you through all the stages of your first few projects. Our current partners have training and we offer expert support in the implementation of our solution.

Our software works on all existing screens and devices.

Our cloud-based service can be updated from anywhere in the world at anytime.

Work in Partnership with A2Display

By becoming an A2Display partner, you will diversify the solutions you offer and reach new customers without significant time or investment.


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