Application creation form

In order to create your app, we need additional information.

Please fill in all of the fields on the form

Step 1: The logo

In order to have a quality rendering on your smartphone, please provide us with your logo:

  1. Surrounded by a square shape (with a coloured background that contrasts well with the logo).
  2. With margins of 135px for the ANDROID logo and 90px for the IOS logo.
  3. With a size of 512x512px to 1024x1024px.
  4. With a maximum size of 10Mb.

Here is an example of a good logo for IOS and Android.



Step 2: The design of the app

Choose the design of your app among these different models, created by our graphic designers. They are able to be customised to your design requests and your activities. Click on the following link to see the range of models

Step 3: The name of the app

Step 4: Software training

Fill in two dates/times for a remote training session, lasting one hour (within the next two weeks).